Motion Repair & Services meets your industrial application needs for the build, repair, and supply of various universal joints, shaft assemblies, and all coupling-related products. From industrial drive assembly and repair to custom designs and modifications and everything in between, we are ready to tackle your toughest projects today.

Our technicians can assemble and repair most industrial drive shafts and perform a complete rebuild or new build for most manufacturers. Special, high-precision, double-plane balancing equipment is available for all shaft assemblies. If you’re in need of on-site assistance, our team can provide field services for your operations.

Motion Repair & Services is proud to be the only United States repair partner for MAINA. We also are accredited to support the following manufacturers:


Our United States rebuild center, staffed by qualified, trained technicians, offers a number of crucial milling services. Below is our full list of service offerings.

Balancing Milling Services

Driveshafts Milling Services

Gear Couplings

Motion Repair & Services can provide shear pin couplings and repairs. Our team specializes in multiple types, styles, and sizes. Brands served include Maina, Howdon, Renk, AutoGard, Falk, and Formsprang. Our team is also an official build center for KOPFLEX couplings, stocking and distributing the Fast and H series. Motion Repair & Services even has its own line of proprietary gear couplings. These couplings have many useful and unique features, including the following:

Engineering Analysis

Equipment Milling Services

Ultimate Coupling Bolt

Our team provides standard gear coupling bolt kits that are manufacturer-specific. It is important that these critical components are torqued properly, as problems can persist when these are not torqued appropriately due to misinformation or improper tooling.

All standard bolt kits include metal locking nuts. Special kits are available for Beloit-style rigid hubs that consist of fine thread bolts with spacers. This technology can be implemented in a wide range of product lines that require fasteners with indicator systems. Bolt kits are designed to be user-friendly, fully interchangeable, and to have a long life cycle.



Motion Repair & Services has access to Motion’s greater network of inventory, making us the proud owners of one of the largest driveshaft inventories in North America. This allows us to provide you with the following:

  • Large stock of all types of companion flanges including fastener sets
  • One of the largest GWB stocking locations in North America
  • Stock from size 2-1/2 to 7 KOP-FLEX gear coupling components (both Fast and H series)
  • Complete line of Spicer components
  • Large stock of ELBE product
  • MAINA—Universal and gear couplings
  • WEASLER—Universal

Shipping/Storage Containers & Product Identification

We take pride in the handling of every shaft repair and service job. To ensure safe transport and storage, we build wood containers and skids to custom-fit each shaft. This is designed so that all identification labels and safety stickers are clearly visible when the customer opens the box. Each shaft is tagged with a unique order number, which provides traceability and ease of reordering.