Mechanical Repair Services TAILORED TO Your SPECIFIC NEEDS

The Motion Repair & Services team is ready to fulfill your specific needs for mechanical repair. Our service offerings are designed to reduce downtime and keep your operations running at peak efficiency. We’re ready to support you 24/7/365.

Below are some of the key mechanical services our team provides.

Several large gears of various shapes and sizes are laid out on a table, awaiting assembly.


Maintain, repair, and refurbish your industrial gearboxes with the help of our Motion Repair & Services team. Save time and money by improving your equipment’s reliability and extending the overall life of your gearboxes.

Close-up image of disassembled motor in repair facility

Mill Shafts, Couplings, Clutches and Brakes

Take advantage of our team that specializes in servicing drive shafts and shaft coupling components. Whether you need on-site inspections, repair, or replacement, our experts are ready to serve you today.

Several blue and white powder coated motors connected to pipes as part of a larger machine.

Material Handling Equipment

Motion Repair & Services has extensive experience providing repair solutions for conveyor pulleys, trunnion rollers, mill pinions, sizers and related equipment. Whether it be solids handling or blowers and fans for handling gases, count on the experienced Motion Repair & Services team to deliver timely and reliable repair solutions.

Close-up image cutting steel metal shaft processing on lathe machine in facility

Custom Solutions

Besides repair, the Motion team offers a host of custom solutions. Reverse engineering, design and fabrication of transition bases to facilitate replacement of obsolete equipment, and modification of stock products to suit specific application needs are everyday activities. Complex problem? Rely on our multidisciplined team of engineering and technical resources to find a solution.